Moving On

Finally the door has shut for my baby daddy and it’s the best feeling ever. I completely chose to cut contact with him and it is the best decision I ever made. I stopped beating myself up because he wasn’t creating time for his daughter or sending child support. If the father of your child […]

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Part 4: Found My Closure

I am not the same person I was but I totally love the new me. So as I moved forward with my life without the father of my child, I learned a number of valuable lessons. I learned about the joys and struggles of being a single mother by being there whole heartedly for my […]

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Part 3

You may want to judge me for cutting him off and most people say your daughter needs her father. Well I wish he was responsible and mature enough to see that and actually be there for his daughter. I cannot force him to be in his daughter’s life and I cannot tell him what he […]

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