The children are innocent

Having watched the video of the girls on Jeff Koinange show a few weeks ago. Some of my acquaintances forwarded to me probably in good faith 😊. They were like kids need their dads. I totally understand that bit. I’ve also seen alot of single mum bashing on social media which I choose to ignore […]

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After nearly 2 years of being broken and down this is what I’ve learned: When you’re viciously knocked down by life, don’t get right back up. Like tripping and falling, you have the impulse to rise and start moving again. But ignoring a serious injury will make it worse. Pain demands attention, it needs to […]


Finding love again

This was written by Kelsey Dykstra, and it explains every reason I have for not finding courage to love again. I Hate To Say It, But I’m Terrified Of Falling In Love Again Falling in love was one of the most magical times in my life, but falling out of it was one of the […]

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Moving On

Finally the door has shut for my baby daddy and it’s the best feeling ever. I completely chose to cut contact with him and it is the best decision I ever made. I stopped beating myself up because he wasn’t creating time for his daughter or sending child support. If the father of your child […]

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Part 4: Found My Closure

I am not the same person I was but I totally love the new me. So as I moved forward with my life without the father of my child, I learned a number of valuable lessons. I learned about the joys and struggles of being a single mother by being there whole heartedly for my […]

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Part 3

You may want to judge me for cutting him off and most people say your daughter needs her father. Well I wish he was responsible and mature enough to see that and actually be there for his daughter. I cannot force him to be in his daughter’s life and I cannot tell him what he […]

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