Moving On

Finally the door has shut for my baby daddy and it’s the best feeling ever. I completely chose to cut contact with him and it is the best decision I ever made. I stopped beating myself up because he wasn’t creating time for his daughter or sending child support.

If the father of your child only shows up twice a year then just let him show up twice a year.

If he won’t pay child support (court ordered or not) then don’t worry about that either.

When birthdays come around and no gifts are purchased just do your part and keep it moving.

Some of you are going to drive yourselves crazy acting a fool about what the absent parent won’t do.

What you fail to realize is that the older that child gets the more they see and understand.

Don’t talk bad about their father… Be their mother, do what you have to do and let God handle the rest..


Sometimes heartache can make us think we lost everything we had. But losing my baby daddy I’d like to think was a blessing in disguise. I kinda dodged a bullet. Once I realized being in constant contact with him wasn’t adding any value to my life I decided to let go all the feelings towards him. The feelings of resentment, hate, anger, love you name it. All those feelings and emotions were what made me a hostage.

It’s now fun to spend time with my kid without having to feel sorry for her. What I thank God for is that he blessed me with a happy baby 😊😊😊.